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10 Food Products That Have No Expiration Date

Eating expired products will be risky, but there are some foods you don’t ever should worry about since they’re safe to eat after many, many years.

Bright Side comprised an inventory of 10 food products that may last almost forever and never spoil.

10. Rice

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The best temperature to store rice is at 4.5°C or below. It’s better to store rice in plastic containers for foods (PETE) or in glass jars. together study shows, under these conditions, rice is stored up to 30 years and it won’t lose its aroma or nutritional value. It’s also worth mentioning that the study used 2 styles of rice — parboiled and polished grains.

9. Powdered milk

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Powdered milk that’s processed in line with all the suitable health standards may be stored for a protracted time without losing its nutritional value — even as long as it’s stored in an airtight container.

8. Soy sauce

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Soy sauce is stored safely for a minimum of 3 years whether or not the bottle has been opened. The time period of condiment in an airtight container is for much longer, but it depends on conditions just like the style of condiment it’s, the way that it had been processed, its quality, and therefore the storage temperature.

For example, prime quality condiment can only be made through natural fermentation, a process that typically takes anywhere from several months to 2 years. Only this sort of condiment can last over three years. That’s why you ought to watch out for certain brands that add chemicals to hurry up the fermentation process.

7. Maple syrup

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According to the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association, an unopened bottle of syrup is kept indefinitely. And even after having opened it, you’ll be able to use it for several years if you retain it in an exceedingly refrigerator.

6. Dried kidney beans

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Researchers from religious leader University have revealed that after 30 years of storing, dried kidney beans had changed their visual appearance, but all the samples remained acceptable to be used in emergency situations. They concluded that dried kidney beans, also as other beans, can last for a minimum of 30 years.

5. Salt

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Salt is truly a mineral, not a product, which is why it’s impossible for it to spoil. Of course, the mineral can quickly absorb water, turning into one huge rock over time. But ultimately, salt always remains just that, salt.

However, remember that iodized salt lasts only around a year. During this era of your time, iodine usually evaporates and also the salt loses its useful quality, although you’ll be able to still use it as common salt.

4. Strong alcoholic drinks

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Alcoholic drinks like vodka, whisky, rum and cognac don’t have any expiration date, but it’s important to store them during a cool dark place in properly sealed bottles.

3. Vinegar

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White vinegar is another product without an expiration date, but you must still make sure to store it under proper conditions. If you would like to stay vinegar for an extended time, the simplest thanks to store it’s in its original airtight container during a cool, dark place aloof from heat sources.

2. Sugar

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Like salt, sugar lasts for an indefinitely long period of your time, especially if you store it in an airtight container. But whether or not sugar absorbs water from the air and turns into a solid rock, it doesn’t lose its quality.

By the way, granulated sugar and refined sugaralso can be stored as long as common sugar.

1. Honey

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Honey is a really unique food in that it can last forever thanks to its chemical composition that makes it extremely difficult for bacteria growth. Moreover, if you buy sealed jars with honey in them, you can be absolutely sure that it can’t spoil as it won’t come in contact with air and water.

While excavating one of the Egyptian pyramids, archaeologists discovered some jars of honey. The average age of the finding was around 2,000-3,000 years old. It was still perfectly edible — the archaeologists even tasted it! Some years later, 5,500 year-old honey was found in Georgia.

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