Rasmalai Recipe with Home Made Soft Paneer

Rasmalai Recipe with home made soft Paneer
Rasmalai Recipe 
1 liter whole milk
4 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon cornflour
4 cups water
1 cup sugar
500 ml whole milk
5-6 green cardamom pods, peeled and crushed to get the powder
saffron, a pinch
3-4 tablespoons sugar
finely chopped pistachios
Rasmalai Recipe 
Wishing you a very happy Diwali let's make another awesome sweet Rasmalai and that too we're going to make kisser Rasmalai and to make this is very easy but there is little bit of skill in curdling the milk and I want you to see this carefully because once you can curdle the milk you can make this Rasmalai very very easily difference there of the technique of curdling the milk is first we're going to take cow milk and you know everywhere they sell cow milk maybe some places this is little bit expensive take the cow milk to make this sweet bring this to a boil and curdling is slightly different from making paneer what we do when we make paneer when the milk is boiling you add vinegar to it but here of course we're going to use vinegar but the process is going to be slightly different the curdling the moment we add vinegar little by little when you see the curdling is done appropriately you add cold water into this yeah you can add ice to it the thing is to stop the process of curdling the milk you know basically the protein in the milk will curdle but you're going to curdle it just till it is soft often and later when you boil it in the hot sugar syrup the entire curdling will happen and the rasulullah's are the resumed allies of the ROG box they will become big first bring this milk to a boil and have some cold water on the side ready look at this the milk is come to a boil we're going to switch off the flame and then we're going to add vinegar little by little here some ice-cold water is also ready now we're going to add vinegar little by little and keep mixing this mixing and adding little by little vinegar you need to be very careful that you don't add too much vinegar or it kind of make its are but the movement you see is almost ready and the water is separating now you can see it is separating now stop the process in this add cold water now what we did is we put ice-cold water in this and stopped we free is the process of you know curdling this is perfect now we're going to drain this and we're going to have this soft paneer so look at this the paneer aha like Malaya look at this how soft it is with this ice this will slow it down we're going to drain this very carefully we're going to drain and after you got so the entire curd the curdled milk is here take this edges and we're going to drain out the moisture see we got the milk solids tie it up like this right now it is a little bit hot squeeze it a little more and we're going to use this card to make our raj book for making the sugar syrup for this so for two liters you know I got like little 250 grams of the curdled thing and with this we can make nice big size raj book around ten of them or if you're making rationalised smaller one you can make up to thirty all so here I have got the vessel in this we're going to make the sugar syrup even sugar syrup is little bit enough art if you get good real good sugar there is no problem you can just make the sheer of but you know if you are using sugar and there is some impurities I'm going to show you a technique also first we're going to add sugar in this we're going to add water for the Rasmalai we're going to make it thin for the globe jam one you know I would add this much water but for Rasmalai i'm just going to add more water you know almost double the amount of water the syrup is going to be thin only then you can get you know you can cook this Rasim Ilayaraja wok or anything in this switch on the flame and now to remove the impurities what we do is we add a little bit of milk just i added a little extra but that's fine you know when you boil there is going to be a lot of impurities that it will bring on and it will clearly strain you can also add a little bit of lime juice to quicken the process but let the sugar syrup come to a boil and then you can remove the impurities and you can use this we are going to use this syrup for making our Molly you know making sin up like this and then we're going to make our Raja Bhoj in this this is going to be perfect now while the sugar syrup is done let's get back to our paneer so here I've got this paneer which I removed of the excess water but do not put a weight or anything while you are doing this just squeeze out the moisture whatever this is all the milk solids that come and now we need to knead it we're going to need it in such a way that this becomes very soft already we curdle the milk only till of rest of the curdling will happen in the syrup now we are going to need this like this we going to make this into a nice soft dough so do not need it way too much but you do not want to have any of the grains in this look at this so just take this entire mixture once this is done look at this how nice soft this is so once this mixture is ready now to make our resume align is very easy so all you need to do is take little pieces of this door look at this make them even size so usually what we do is we take this thing like this and then we kind of make them into small roundels after this we just take this squeeze it a little bit after you make this into a round just press it little bit because these guys will you know become double the size almost when they're cooked make them round like this and make them flat make your small little roundels and then cook this in the sugar syrup and your sugar syrup here is also getting a little bit cloudy I need to clean the dirt and after which I'm going to show you how to boil them now we're going to clarify the sugar syrup I have added a little bit milk and this whatever the solids that have come here just remove that little bit of dirt this one we're just going to put on the side now we're going to take the syrup because we are going to boil in this and also we're going to let it sit in the sugar syrup so some of the syrup they're going to take it from here look at I'm going to take sit up like this and this setup once the razzuma lies are you know nicely boil and become big from this we're going to remove and put it in this because in this we're going to add some soap fruit water that is called Rita I'm going to show you that in many villages and everywhere they take this Rita fruit they crush it soak it in the water and a lot of froth comes they applied to the hair and take a head bath so we're going to use it to make sure that our resume Allah ROG Boris Allah come bigger in size for boiling this rasulullah Rasmalai we're going to use this Rita this is soap fruit and you can have a look at this see this is also what they do is they crush it and they soak it and when they soak it this one they even apply for the hair bath so a lot of fraud comes this liquid is used in when you are boiling this Rasmalai rasulullah Rajab or anything because lot of froth comes and this froth will make this decimal a very nice and light so here I have got the water I need this to be vigorously boiled only then I'm going to add the beautiful little there are some allies which we have made because in this they're going to swell and becoming big I've already added a little bit of rita water that's why it is nicely frothing and i'm going to add little more and you want to see this will give lot of froth so this froth you know whatever now you can see this is what is going to make your resume allies nice just drop in these things this froth is going to make them nice and light so we're going to boil them vigorously that's when you're going to have this come out nice now if you're going to boil them in a slower flame you are a small eyes will not become a nice in fact they will break after letting this boil for 15 minutes because 15 minutes will take to cook the sugar syrup also will get thickened so what we're going to do is we're going to add some water and this one will also help us clean this Rasmalai whatever we did look at them they have size also have become and so we want them to come out nice size like this so just drain out the water like this and then put it in the same sugar syrup what we removed first they will sit there remove carefully don't mess with them and when they get cold you know they become very nice and profit these need to sit in the sugar syrup like this when they are done so once they get slightly cold that's when they will get the structure fully set in then we're going to squeeze it a little bit and then we're going to make a milk the sweet milk for Rasmalai and with little bit caser and all that and then we're going to serve this I'm going to let this cool down then I'm going to show you how to make this sweet milk for Rasmalai the milk for the Rasmalai they're going to do it and this one everybody has their own way some people love it you know like robbery I like it least bit thick you know the milk but some people just like it sweetened milk so they enjoy the Rasmalai more so it's up to you how you're going to like it in this milk you know I've reduced it like off and then you're going to add sugar so sure also nowadays people don't add too much sweet also into the sugar syrup because they're perfect and in this we're going to add saffron water just milk and saffron the sweet is all getting ready in this we're going to add some cardamom powder and now mix it if you want to cook it little further it's fine but otherwise also it's fine so if you keep it white it is just Rasmalai if you make it slightly you know with the saffron then it is casein Rasmalai so this is all good once this cools down then we're going to serve and here I have the Rasmalai everything ready so we're going to squeeze see because they have come perfect so we're going to squeeze one by one like this squeeze them and then put it in this milk syrup then we is ready to serve this is all ready so this saffron milk is ready with cardamom powder and the resume Allah is these ones are sitting here so we're going to squeeze out the sugar syrup carefully squeeze it out and then put it in this and you need to make sure that the the sweet milk is slightly you know one it's not hot but one so it will absorb the juices immediately we're going to drop them there and then after slightly cooling it down you can serve you can also serve it a little bit warm but always I seen most of the people prefer it : this is good squeeze the juices out and drop it in this they will absorb all the my saffron colored milk and then we're going to serve it later you know you can also add a little bit of saffron on top and if you know I made the same recipe almost 11 years ago and this is where I hate it now my son eats in this ball and my ball is shrink to a very small size though I secretly manage to eat at least four razzuma lies at a time so now look at this nice beautiful with liquid and as I told you people prefer the milk to be thicker I also like it like that and on this you can always add some bottom some pista also if you want and once this cools down this milk also will slightly thicken so this is good and here whatever I am eating right now and a little bit this is good and time to enjoy it dear friends so many recipes easy recipes every home the swatch bharat' in India everybody should enjoy the greatest of the greatest sweets and the sweets make you happy and every day is happy with whatever so dear friends make them and look at this nice and soft and hmm with a nice saffron flavor this is just amazing make it eat it in fact you have to make sure your family is happy with good food.
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