How to make Restaurant Spicy Chicken Biryani

How to make Restaurant Spicy Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani
600 gm basmati rice
4 tablespoon mint leaves
salt as required
2 teaspoon coriander powder
1 tablespoon garlic paste
2 tablespoon tomato puree
400 gm white onion
8 green cardamom
1 tablespoon milk
1 kilograms chicken thighs
1 teaspoon garam masala powder
2 pinches saffron
1 tablespoon ginger paste
4 green chilli
300 gm tomato
2 teaspoon cumin seeds
6 tablespoon refined oil
Chicken Biryani
We are meeting just like various kinds of Rossum even the Viennese every home recipe is slightly different they have learned restaurant style biryani we have learned thumb style Brioni we have learned fried Chicken Biryani but having learned wash of special won't be really see at home we eat it very very little bit masala spicy Chicken Biryani so how to make this biryani we will check it out today hello namaste someone it comes as they occur welcome back to another session with your washes at whatever come today I'm going to show you how a very home tin oxide biryani the wash of style biryani so at home we make it slightly different I'm just going to show you how so here I've got pieces of chicken and what we do is we not only prime the chicken but we coat it masala da so instead of adding curd at this point of time what we do is we add the masalas the chili powder and this little extra that's how we like it in this coriander powder cumin powder and some garam masala powder we're going to add some turmeric powder and add ginger-garlic paste so we all know this is what I do here most of the times but I even occurred but today I'm not going to add curd into this I am just going to add some salt and mix with this chicken and I'm going to let this chicken sit like this for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator that's when the chicken will become nice and tender it's kind of brining as well as coating the nice masalas so you don't have to put a lot of curd or anything even by applying salt and this masalas and putting in the free refrigerator for few hours will do that not only that when you make your biryani the pieces of the biryani will hold this masalas that what a lot of people love so today I'm going to show you how to do this so the salt all the things are done but just like how we rub the meats and put in the barbecues this meat is rubbed with all the masalas that's needed and we're going to leave like this for four hours in the refrigerator and we're going to beat you after four hours now after four hours the meat is nicely marinated and all so now what we're going to do is I'm going to add oil to this meat because this is going to sit down in the pan to cook so add around 2-3 teaspoons of oil and just mix it well so this oil will make sure that the chicken is kind of slightly fried in this so apply oil and now we're going to put in this biryani bug so in my house we have around six to seven different variety of biryani balls so I'm going to show you them one of these days so now the marinated meat sits down in the pan like this now I'm going to take the curve pour in this bowl this is not going to look so good but come on add some salt and I'm going to add all the really whole spices are good believe how good Mays peppercorn cinnamon sticks cardamom cloves the shy jeera and all this ingredients in this just mix the curve and now this curve I think I can add a little bit of water to this now I'm going to pour this on top of this chicken come Rockwood mix it because I don't want the masalas to come out of the chicken so just for the skirt on top of this chicken so now you know how you can make your Brioni and you can have the chicken pieces well coated with the muscle that's it now the rest of the process is very simple you're going to put hot price on top of it now the secret of making the best biryani is the rice I've got the best basmati rice here soaked in the water for around 30 minutes but it is the amount of salt you add to the water and now the water is boiling in this you add salt I will make sure that this water has the right amount of short if this water does not taste it has to be slightly salted because once the rice is cooked it includes going to taste perfect so it's perfect not too much not too less in fact I can add little more of salt now in this regard coiled-coil also had around 2 TSP of oil because the rice has to be coated slightly coated with oil that makes this rice nice and grainy and also it helps the rice remain with individual grains that is what the secret of a good biryani the rice has to separate out and that's when you get the biryani perfect so now the rice is now the water is boiling so Bryce so make sure you soak the basmati rice for at least 15 to 20 minutes thirty minutes is good but not more than one hour so now once you add the rice just mix this once you know a lot of people add lot of flavoring spices into this boiling water but I already have it held in the curd and add it to the chicken this water comes to a boil and the rice gets cooked here they're going to do some tricks here I'm going to add some fried brown onion on top of this chicken and some on top of the rice and I'm going to add some mint on top of the chicken and some on top of the rice the same I'm going to do with the coriander too that should be good if I add more moisture to the chicken then I'm going to cook the rice little less so more than 3/4 kg of chicken I've added 1 cup of curd that's not good enough so I'm going to cook this rice till it is 90% and I'm going to put on top of this and your chicken is going to be perfect and the rice is going to laugh you will check it out the rice is almost done so the first batch of the rice is going to be on top of the chicken because this rice is still you know 85% cooked now look at the way I am here spreading the rice I'm throwing it in the air and the rice is falling down once again check it out so I'm not I'm just going to sprinkle the rice like this and this is what will keep the rice nice and fluffy it's not going to be pressed the grain is settling with the gap between them that's what will give them nice and fluffy no matter how many times I show you this breelan still some people they don't follow the instruction this you know what's this couple of times and then you will till you get your biryani perfect once you get perfect the first time from next time onwards you will start enjoying making this perfectly honest clock how some people keep asking me how do you know if the rice is 90% done so once you see the rice it's almost put okay it's almost cooked so that is what is 90 percent so don't worry the chicken will cook and the rice also will be nice and grainy so once I put all the rice on this I'm going to add some saffron water on top now even the brown onions give a very nice flavor as well as color to the rice so the leftover on this if you want you can add the Desi Ghee that is the clarified butter this is what is going to make this even more awesome on top of it some mint leaf already smelling good in this figure that some chopped coriander leaf now I am going to take lid okay I'm going to click the lid and I'm going to put the dough this is the dough this is to seal and make my video knee the dum style so look at this once you have all the edges perfect and we're going to put the lid on now flame on on a high flame you know put it on a high flame and for the first 5 10 minutes you want the flame to be high after that the next 15 minutes on a medium flame and the last 10 or 15 minutes on a very slow flame so for a Chicken Biryani like this 30 minutes should be good usually what I do is I put on a high flame for the first 5 to 7 minutes then reduce the flame and you know put it on a medium little less to medium for another 15 minutes and very low after in another 10 minutes and your Briony is perfect the chicken pieces will be coated perfectly with the masala and you will check it out how it's going to turn out difference the biryani is ready after 30 minutes you're going to let it rest for another 5 minutes the secret of eating a good Brioni is you open the lid and finish heating within 15 minutes so gather your family open the lid enjoy the aroma of greatest biryani ah the perfect taste of biryani and now what have been talking about the biryani how the rice should be so when you take the rice just to drop it huge drain should separate out now the piece of chicken should be slightly colored so look at this this is extra spicy Chicken Biryani ready to enjoy and now look at each piece of chicken they will be coated with the masalas okay no matter what piece of chicken you take it's coated with this masala this is how we people love to eat our biryani mice spicy now this extra price difference the art of making the perfect Brioni is mastered in Hyderabad but you can always make it at home and enjoy this special biryani as I said each plane is come up individually but perfectly good Wow the addition of ghee very very hot but each piece has magic nicely coated perfect egg and hmm look at it you have to try this.
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