How to Make Homemade Perfect French Fries Recipe

How to Make Homemade Perfect French Fries Recipe
French Fries Recipe
3 large potatoes
Oil for frying
1 tbsp corn flour
1 tbsp Salt
1 tsp Chilly powder
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp chaat masala
1 tsp pepper powder
Black Pepper
French Fries Recipe
Many times something as simple as french fries also gets complicated a lot of restaurants that I visit the world over do not get this recipe consistently correct let's today see a simple easy way to get your french fries easy consistent Symon against hey guys with the Bombay Chevron ananda and welcome to that seafood for the French fries I'm going to use large potatoes which are actually not a fresh habit check with your vegetable vendor I am sure they know the best this is nicely washed and script want to peel this make sure you have a very sharp dealer so that you remove a very simple of this potato well a lot of potato gets wasted if you do not feel it correctly the final yield of the french fries actually goes for a toss the reason I'm using old potatoes is because the moisture content in these potatoes is relatively lesser and with this the final product is nice crisp and golden brown this potato needs to be cut like so to form a nice base ooh now cut this vertically into slices. I'm going to stack it up like this and cut this into long strips or baton it. I'm going to collect this baton and reserve them in cold water and similarly let's start processing the rest of the potatoes once is a depth and cold water these need to be transferred on a clean kitchen towel the potatoes need to be patted dry and make sure we do not break the baton once is a completely patted dry we need to start frying a portion at a time and this would be 15 to 20 pieces. This potato baton need to be fried exactly 4:30 cycle in moderately hot oil and transfer on an absorbent kitchen paper this method is technically known as oil blanching similarly let's keep frying make sure at any point you do not overcrowd the oil that's step one of making french fries let's now move on to the next step for this I'm going to transfer all these half fried french fries on a shape and press the sound with another kitchen valve to make sure all the oil with absorbed to make these extra crisp I'm going to use some potato starch if you do not have this please use contacts not this way this batch of potato needs to be frozen for a minimum of 30 minutes before to start trying it the second time it's been 30 minutes and the fries are frozen let's now begin with the second batch of time the oil is moderately hot these potatoes need to be fried for 45 seconds to a minute or till it's perfectly golden brown in color as you can you have the fries are nice and rich while the fries are still warm I'm going to transfer them on a larger surface area this is the time to start seasoning is firstly with some salt to make it nice Chuck Potter and my Stiles I'm adding in some roasted coriander powder a little bit of chili powder and finally some chaat masala topping this up to some freshly chopped parsley and crushed black pepper so what are you waiting for your french fries are ready do try this at home.
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