Best Restaurant Recipes

Best Restaurant Recipes
hi guys welcome to our kitchen today I get a paneer lover's favorite Paneer tikka masala

Paneer tikka masala is a rendition of chicken tikka masala a link to that recipe for all your chicken lovers is there in the description box below for now let's begin with this recipe for this I'm taking some paneer and slicing these into cubes to convert these cubes of paneer into paneer tikka we need imagination so let's now make the tikka marination for this I'm taking some curds to this I'm adding in some red chilli powder madding in some turmeric with this juice of some lemon make sure you just collect all the seeds with this.
I'm adding in some mustard oil some salt as required give this a nice mix the marination is ready I'm adding in the cubes of paneer mix this gently without breaking the pieces of paneer the cubes of paneer are evenly coated in the spice mix this goes aside for 10 minutes in the interim let's begin with the masala for the masala.
I am taking in some oil in a pan and allow this to heat on moderate flame once the oil gets heated up I'll be adding in the chopped onions once the onions turn brown.
I'll be adding in the green chilies red chili powder turmeric powder garam masala and salt give this a quick mix let the masalas cook for somewhere around 30 to 40 seconds and now add in the chopped tomatoes to this. I'll be hiding in some water just so that the onions the masalas and the tomato start cooking give this a thorough mix and allow this to cook with the lid on for 8 to 10 minutes while the masala is getting cooked let's start grilling the pieces of paneer for this. I'm taking some oil in a pan and let this heat on moderate flame once the oil heats up carefully lift the pieces of paneer and place this in the pan once it grills on one side gently flip it on the other side as well the cubes of paneer are grilled and ready let's transfer these on a plate and reserve this for later use. 
let's quickly check on the tikka masala as you would have noticed there is some penita chimera nation in the bowl this also goes in this now give this a quick mix allow this to cook for a minute and then of course the flame this has been bubbling away for a minute or so it's almost done now of course the flame and allow this to cool completely the mixture has cooled down completely, now let's grind this into a fine paste the masala is ground and ready this goes back in the same pan. I'm going to now add in some water to this just make sure nothing absolutely nothing is wasted cook this now on moderate flame once the masala starts simmering. I'll slide in the pieces of paneer tikka give this a gentle stir and allow this to cook in this masala for over a minute this is done and ready of course the flame now let's begin plating this and finally some sprigs of fresh coriander so paneer tikka masala is done and ready and you've seen how simple it is so next time before placing an order in a restaurant to try making this Network enjoy.

Bhindi Masala
Today I'm making a restaurant style Bhindi masala which is very simple quick and easy so let's get cracking for this. I'm going to use fresh and tender bindi which is also known as okra or lady finger we need to wash this nicely and dab it completely dry snip the ends and cut this into roughly 1 inch pieces well while I've cut most of the bindis.
I'm just showing you how to get the cut right while cutting this make sure they're no worms let's move on to frying the boondi for this you could either deep fry or shallow fry I am choosing in the latter once this hits up.
I'll transfer the cut bindis just a little salt to make sure this seeps in right within make sure the bindi is almost well cooked nice golden brown and constantly on high flame keep stirring intermittently while this continues to cook let's start making the masala for which I'm using some onions cut this into slices or rough chops the onions are cuttin ready let me quickly give this a check and move this on another burner heats another pan on moderate flame and add in some oil while keeps checking this intermittently the oil is also heated up bingo the sliced onions and along with this some cumin seeds well the bindi seems to be done off goes the flame and now let's concentrate on turning the onions golden brown once this is ready.
I'll add in crushed ginger garlic and green chilies saute this for 30 to 40 seconds once that's done. I'll add in chopped tomatoes give this a nice mix and allow the tomatoes to cook completely while this is happening I'll lower the flame and add in all the powder spices red chilli powder turmeric powder garam masala powder. I'm sure Oh dried mango powder give this a nice mix and allow this to cook completely at this stage you could also add in a little bit of salt but remember you've already added salt while cooking the bindi as well to allow this masala cook faster.
I'll add in a little bit of water this will also help in releasing the stock masalas from the pan give it a nice mix and allow this to cook nicely for seven to eight minutes the masala has cooked completely off course the flame and allow this to cool down it's been 15 minutes and the masala is completely cooled off let's now begin grinding this into a fine paste and while doing so. I'll be adding in a few more ingredients to this Aladin some roasted gram flour fresh coriander leaves tamarind pulp and finally some yogurt let's grind this into a fine paste Messala is done and ready and if you've noticed I have not added water because the yogurt will make up for it we heat the pan again and to this add a little bit of oil again the oil is heated up I'll add in bay leaves and along with this diced onions and tomatoes give this a quick toss just a dash of salt again we need to stir fry this for like 30 to 40 seconds and add in the gravy place give this a mix and while doing so I'll add in some water this is just to adjust the consistency and also to make sure you do not waste this precious spice paste give this a mix and allow this to simmer on low flame for 5 to 6 minutes. I'll add in the cooked bindi some fresh cooking cream and finally some dried fenugreek or kasoori methi give this a mix allow it to simmer for another 30 40 seconds and you bhindi masala is ready some freshly roasted dried coriander seeds along with fresh cream bhindi masala is ready and trust me it's so simple we'll enjoy creating this in your own home kitchens.
Paneer Dopiaza
Today is Paneer Dopiaza well dopiaza as a dish was first created by a person called mala dopiaza in Hyderabad so let's first begin with adding some oil for the exact measurements of the ingredients check the description box below first goes in some cumin seeds as they start crackling I'm adding in the onion paste [Music] as soon as the water dries up I'm gonna add in some ginger-garlic paste give it a mix and start adding the masalas one after another the first one that goes in is some turmeric I'm adding in some coriander powder and some salt let the masalas cook nicely [Music] now that the masala is cooked I'm adding in the green chilies [Music] well if you notice this recipe does not have red chili powder its spiced only with green chilies so use that as per your liking next goes in some tomato puree and along with this I'm adding in some water and now you can let this cook on medium flame till it starts releasing oil on the sides so that may take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes let it cook nicely what I'll do now is let this continue cooking on another flame well I take another pan and we start pan frying the onions capsicum and pan area I'm taking some oil again and the first thing that goes in are some shallots so here I have some green shallots that go in the pan and while this is sorting I'll just cut some cottage cheese once these are nicely sauteed I'm placing them back in a bowl so that we can reserve these to use later in the interim I'm dropping in the pieces of cut paneer just a little more oil if required while the cottage cheese is getting pan-fried make sure you keep stirring the gravy intermittently because you do not want it to start burning so very important there well if you're confident you can do these steps simultaneously if you are okay about doing it a little in advance as you wish just make sure these are nice and golden on all the sides now that these are nicely golden fried I'm moving them on a cutting board and here I continue with some more oil and here goes in the green capsicum you have to make sure gives a nicely stir fried once these are ready I'll reserve these for later use we'll just wait for the gravy to get nicely done before that capsicum is done this goes back in the bowl and now the gravy comes back closer to you [Music] the gravy seems to be cooked and done in goes the shallots which we had pan-fried cottage cheese and the capsicum you have to give it a very gentle stir making sure the cottage cheese does not start breaking let it cook for two to three minutes and we would be ready with paneer dopiaza [Music] and now finally goes in the secret ingredient which is kasoori methi so I'm just crushing this this goes on top of on you don't another now that this is done I'm sure moolah dopiaza would have made it something closer to this do try it at home and do let us know how you like it one of the most popular mixed vegetable dishes in a restaurant is certainly a wedge handy let's today see how we can make the same restaurant style in your own home kitchens.
ings first let's heat a pan with some oil in this case some vegetable oil while this is heating up I'm gonna quickly slice a red onion well ultimately you can also chop this fine but I like the bite of these onions well half of it gets sliced and the other half gets diced like so the first thing that goes in is some bay leaves some cumin seeds once these start crackling I'll add in the sliced onions just roughly crush this a quick toss and make sure these turn nice and golden-brown to aid the process of turning golden brown I'll just add in some salt so that the moisture quickly evaporates once the onions turn golden brown in color I'll be adding in crushed ginger garlic and green chilies give this a nice mix and make sure the raw flavor of ginger garlic and chilies goes away once that happens I'll add in the tomato puree well tomato puree in Indian cuisine is nothing but fresh ripe tomatoes which are bliss in a grinder mix this well increase the flame and allow this to simmer and cook till it's completely dried off while this is happening let's start cutting a few vegetables I am using some baby corn and cut these into dices with this some button mushrooms which I'm going to simply water let's give this a quick stir make sure you scrape the sides of the pan for that nice caramelized and smoked flavor another few minutes for the masala to cook till then let's cut the potato I'm going to cut this into small dices and in this case with the skin on let's start adding in the powdered spices some turmeric powder red chilli powder mixed garam masala along with some coriander powder give this a nice mix and make sure the raw taste and flavor of the masala goes away completely at this stage I'll be introducing some butter along with some more oil the masala needs to be nicely fried in Indian restaurants and hotels the masala is cooked up to this stage this is known as onion tomato masala and forms the basis of most Indian gravies and subs ease I'm scraping the span completely and kept the masala altogether well if you need to make this in bulk you can also do that to this stage make the onion tomato masala cool it down completely and refrigerate it for all your future recipes just take a dollop of this add in your choice of vegetable a little water a little salt cover it and put it to use well that way we'll save on a lot of time while cooking to this Aladin of your vegetables the diced onions baby corn mushrooms and diced potatoes some diced carrots cauliflower and fresh peas give this a nice mix and if you notice these are the vegetables that I have chosen for veg hundy alternately you could also use in some fresh corn kernels some capsicum and paneer if you wish so let's give this a nice toss and add in a cup full of water this hill salt for seasoning well do remember it added a little while sweating the onions give this a good mix cover this and let it cook on low flame for 10 to 12 minutes let's give this a quick check and the vegetables are perfectly cooked last few steps I'm taking some fresh yogurt and mix it nicely to this just a little salt to adjust the taste and flavor some fresh cooking cream mix these two extremely well and this now goes in the cooking vegetables cook this on low flame and while this is simmering let's add in dried fenugreek leaves and finally mint and coriander leaves and just before we put the flame off a little bit of fresh lemon juice give it a nice mix and of course the flame [Music] finally I'm topping this up with some cream of edge of lime and some fresh coriander your vegetable honey is done and ready try this with some classic Indian breads and wait for what makes the Bombay chef gets into your kitchen.
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