How to Make Veg Sandwich Recipe in just 5 minutes

How to Make Veg Sandwich Recipe in just 5 minutes
Today I have brought a very easy recipe for you. Today I will tell you how to make a wedge sandwich. You can make it at home within 5 minutes, by the way, sandwiches are also very different like potato sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, cheese sandwiches etc. Sandwiches are also made in nonways like chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches etc. | But the recipe that I am going to tell you today has nothing to do with fire (gas), I have made it in very easy way like tomato and onion put chutney on the bread and chopped spice and the bread sandwich is ready.

If you are a student and are late for college, then you can make this fast food instant. But even if you work in the office, then this recipe is also very useful for you. If you diet then you must eat this vegetable sandwich. You can eat it for breakfast in the morning. Vegetable sandwich children also like it very much.
Bread: 3 pieces
Green chutney: two teaspoons
Mayonnaise: two spoons
Cucumber slice
Tomato slice
Onion slice
Chaat masala
Tomato ketchup
Salt: Flavor Recommendation
First of all, cut the whole bread from all sides and then put green chutney in each bread.
Then put the mayonnaise in the other bread.
Then garnish the cucumber and tomatoes on the green chutney.
Then put chaat masala and light salt over it.
Now put the bread with the mayonnaise on it upside down.
Now apply the third bread tomato sauce and place onion and tomato on top of it.
And place it on the top of the bun.
Then cut it into the shape of a triangle from the middle.
And our bread sandwich is ready.
It is very good looking and it is equally tasty in food. You can make it in a very short time, so try it at home and if you are on a diet then you must eat it.
So how was our 5 minute bread sandwich recipe? I believe you must have liked this recipe very much. If you have any doubt in your mind related to this recipe, then you can feel free to ask us in the comment box and we will try that your questions. We should answer as soon as possible.
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