How to make Amazing flavored white rasgullas at home

How to make Amazing flavored white Rasgullas at home

Amazing Flavored white Rasgullas

There is a trend of feeding sweets on every happy occasion in our country and friends today we will learn to make White rasgulla recipe in Hindi which is amazing in taste. Being made at home, it is also cheaper and at the same time it is also very beneficial in terms of health.
We all hesitate by making sweets at home, but friends, by making it at home, you can also feed your family many healthy sweets and you can also get your applause by serving them whenever you come home.
I love White rasgulla recipe in Hindi and I make it at home every day. Tearing the cottage cheese with fine milk then putting it in the wonderful sauce of the house and making white rasgulla is a special feeling in itself.
Friends, if you too are going to make this, then finally you will definitely tell us by writing your thoughts in the comment box. So let's learn Banana White Rasgulla recipe in Hindi.
For Rasgulla
1 liter milk
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 cup water
For the sauce
1 1/2 cups sugar
8 cups of water
Step 1
Pour 1 liter milk in a shallow pot and boil it and stir it continuously. After 2 minutes, add lemon juice slowly and mix it while stirring. While stirring it, add milk slowly and keep stirring it till the milk breaks.
Step 2
Immediately after the bursting of milk, immediately pour it on a cloth and drop the water down and wrap the chhena / paneer in a cloth and soak it in water and wash it well so that the taste of lemon juice goes away. Now press it rapidly and drain the water completely and leave the dried chisel / paneer hanging for 30 minutes.
Step 3
Now take cottage cheese / chhena and knead it until it becomes soft and it will increase the taste of rasgulla. Make small balls of cheese and keep it aside. Make small balls and cover it separately.
Step 4
Now put 1 1/2 cup sugar in a vessel and mix 8 glasses of water in it. Turn it on the heat and boil until the sugar dissolves well while stirring. After it becomes a chasani on medium heat, put the balls of paneer in the sauce and leave it to flourish for 15 minutes. Now keep it in the fridge to cool down.
In India, sweets are eaten with great liking and we get to express our happiness by getting our mouths sweet, whether it is a wedding or a festival or a happy occasion. But most of us eat sweets only by buying from the shops.
At least during the festive season, we should prepare and eat them at home. This also makes it cheaper and healthier because we do not know what salmon is being used in the market, so the sweet home made sweets are amazing.
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