Learn How To Make Mango kulfi in 5 minutes

Mango kulfi in 5 minutes
Mango kulfi in 5 minutes

Mango Kulfi is associate Indian vogue No Cook No Churn Mango frozen dessert that is Eggless, creamy and enriched with contemporary mangoes. This Instant Mango Kulfi frozen dessert formula can build kulfi in five minutes with none corn flour or bread or khoya/mawa.
Instant MANGO KULFI is jam-packed with Magic, all you would like is five minutes and three basic ingredients from your pantry! It works sort of a soothing balm during this brutal heat and whole capable to elevate up our mood in no time.
And after we will make a batch of Eggless Kulfi frozen dessert with none ice cream maker & no preparation concerned it feels nothing but heaven.
This Mango Kulfi doesn’t would like any amylum or bread or khoya/mawa or rice flour to thicken Kulfi mixture the least bit.
Mango: 1, fully ripe
Fresh cream: 200 ml
Condensed milk: 3 tbsp
Milk powder: 2 tbsp
pinch of Salt
Salt: 1.4 tsp
To Serve
few pieces of fresh mango
Or, Nuts or dry fruits of your choice
Method :
Wash & Clean mangoes. Discard the highest & slice mango lengthwise from each side of seed.
Cut the mango flesh diagonally & scoop the flesh. this is often the simplest thanks to extract most pulp from mango reception.
Pour mangoes in a very mixer beside the juice.
Add pinch of salt. Add cardamom powder at now if victimization any.
Now create a swish puree in mixer with none extra water.
Transfer the mango puree in a very giant bowl
Add contemporary cream, milk & whisk to include everything.
Add our undercover agent, dried milk & combine well. There ought ton't be any lumps in any respect and mixture should be in swish gushing consistency.
Now pour the mixture into Kulfi molds with tightly fitted lid.
In case of Kulfi on stick (popsicles) wrap the gap of mixture crammed molds with metal foil & create tiny slit on prime. Insert lollipop sticks.
Set the molds in deep-freeze for 2-4 hrs or nightlong.
To remove kulfi from mildews roll every mold between palms or dip bottom half each kulfi mold in a very bowl of water and pull with the stick or pour over the dish (in case of stick-less kulfi).
Garnish with cut mangoes or loony of your selection & serve straightaway.
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